It is said that the culinary culture of the people from Spain dates back to around two thousand years ago. But no matter how long ago, it is a Country with a strong Mediterranean culinary tradition using healthy and fresh ingredients. With that strong tradition, preserving food has been a monumental challenge. In modern developed countries, most families have access to a great aid in food preservation called a refrigerator. Even with the help of the refrigerator, there are still three major enemies to preserving foods freshness these are: air(oxygen), humidity, and temperature.

When these three enemies of food come together, they will foster an environment favorable to the breeding of germs and bacteria. The germs and bacteria will then feed on the food and turn the food bad for human consumption. In order to prevent this from happening, a company from Spain called FOSA Home came up with a solution during a culinary paella contest. Following this ides, FOSA Home in collaboration with top chefs from Spain, France and Switzerland developed this intelligent way to greatly extend the freshness and quality of the food using an innovative culinary vacuum sealed food storage.

FOSA utilize storage containers devoid of air to keep food fresh up to five times longer. By removing out air and humidity from the storage containers, the speed of food deterioration and loss of food nutrients are significantly reduced. Also using FOSA’s vacuum food storage system it prevents odors and cross contamination from other food. The designs are compact, not bulky for easier storage and an easy one-touch operation that is very user friendly. FOSA food storage system includes a self-monitoring sensory function with an automatic stop once the vacuum seal has been made.

The sleek and modern design of the FOSA storage products are inspired from the great architectural designs in Spain. FOSA Home products come in white and green which reminds one of the villas on the Mediterranean coast and the lush green pine forest of the same region.